Method of Pre Preparation:

Mix Swasti Growmore NM Super Saver Pack in 50 Ltr. water in plastic drum. Add Swasti Nutrient Mix Liquid to this solution.

Mix well cover and keep for 48 hrs. in shade. Mix well after 48 hrs. and use for drenching soil.


1 Pack (NM+Nutrient) Per Acre.

Method of application:

Drenching / Foliar


Increases number of beneficial microbes in the Soil.

Increase Soil Quality.

Enhances overall health of the plant.

Useful For:
Tomato, Capsicum, Lady Finger an other vegetables.
Potato, Cabbage, Cauliflower.
Groundnut, Soybean.
Gerbera, Rose, Climbers etc.

Application Dose :-
Use 1 ml / Liter and apply 30ml per plant.


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