Research & Development

Swasti Agro has a research facility that is approved by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR). We work on four aspects here.

  • Chemical modifications of carbohydrates – mainly chitosan
  • Isolation and characterization of beneficial microbes for specific crop-disease combinations
  • Study of some components important in plant-microbe interaction.
  • Development of tools for point of contact prediction of disease severity
pilot facility for chemical modification

Chemical modifications of chitosan:

  • Using this facility we can modify 5 kg chitosan in 12 hrs.
  • All 50 +derivatives can be made using the same facility.
Beneficial Auxotroph

Isolation and characterization of beneficial microbes

  • We have isolated a Streptomyces sp. that can counteract Xanthomonas sp.
  • The 16s rRNA gene sequence of this sp is reported to GeneBank (Acc. No. KM538689)

Study of components important in plant-microbe interaction

  • We carry out de-capsulation bio-assay and fungal spore germination /inhibition assay using light microscopy
Automated ELISA
  • Using automated ELISA we determine biofilm production potential of pathogen and biofilm disruption capacity of various biochemicals as well as beneficial microbes.
Fluorescence microscope
callose induced
  • We detect ability of biochemical and beneficial microbes to induce plant defense by detecting extent of induction of callose synthesis.
fild microscopy tool

Development of tools for point of contact prediction of disease severity

Using field microscopy tool, we are performing analysis of fungal and nematode infections of roots at very early stage. Images with 200X magnification can be obtained.

The images taken using android under light or UV source with or without staining lead to 32 different treatment possibilities at a given point.

Accurate diagnosis leads to about 60% saving in the treatment cost and huge de-risking and significant yield improvement.

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