About us

"Doubling Farmer's Income"

Swasti Agro has spun off from the biotechnology research base. We are working to make farming more sustainable. Our specific focus is prevention of diseases of crops, and point of care preventive diagnosis.

We are 8 years old company, we presence in market for last 4 years. Our initial focus was on bacterial blight of pomegranate. Now we have products that work against bacterial, fungal and nematode diseases of wide range of crops.

With Millennium Alliance (DFID) support, we are taking this technology to East Africa.

Dr. Abhay Shendye

(PhD Mol Bio, Micro Biology)
Founder CEO
Swasti Agro and Bio Products Pvt. Ltd.

Mission Statement

Empower farmers by giving them the ability to mitigate risk by preventing crop diseases. Taking the farmer towards sustainable precision farming through analysis based advice.


To eradicate Food security crisis arising around the globe with healthy organic technology.

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