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Our Story

Swasti Agro was founded on May 9, 2011 by Dr Abhay Shendye. This was with a mission statement of developing products for ‘building disease resistance in plants’.

Dr Abhay Shendye is trained in the field of microbiology and molecular biology, has a passion for sustainable agriculture. He has 20 year experience of working in this space. He has done technology development for a few companies, and developed market for innovative products. He has one international patent for developing innovative bioactive molecule. His work experience relates to soil bio-fertility, plant growth promotion, and building disease resistance in crops. His key focus is always in providing a holistic solution.

Swasti Agro has researched from 2011 to 2014 and developed the core biotechnology. This is innovative globally, and we call these products as “vaccines for plants”. The products are being used for controlling bacterial blight of pomegranate since 2014. With the support from ‘Millennium Alliance’ we are developing similar solution to crop diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses and nematode.

We are building a complete health care system around these products. This involves disease prediction, pathogen detection, and plant physiology analysis. We are collaborating with tech-people for developing android applications, IOT based sensor tools and analysis cum advice software.


Swasti Vision

Boost environment and farmer’s economics through prevention of crop diseases.

Swasti Mission

Swasti builds Healthcare System for Plants. We developed non-toxic products (patented) that act like vaccines for plants. We build disease resistance. The technology empowers the farmers. They get more yield – higher value. Environmental impact is through reduced need for toxic chemicals.

Our Android application “Happy Crop”” supports implementation of plant healthcare. Farmers could also avail Plant heath monitoring and disease diagnosis tools. Technology and big Data play key role in the implementation.

In the absence of such a Plant Healthcare system, the global scenario at present is that, the farmers treat crops symptomatically, and still lose 40 – 90% of the produce under adverse conditions. Loads are toxic chemicals used help nobody – farmer, consumer or environment. They only prove detrimental. Implementation of Plant Healthcare system brings out real meaning of word “Swasti” – Well Being for Everybody.

Dr Abhay Shendye


Dr Abhay Shendye – PhD in Molecular Biology (Microbiology) has more than 20 years of up and down (more down!!!) experience in the space of product and market development for sustainable agriculture. He has single handed developed market for two innovative products for other companies in the past. He has one granted international patent and one application.